Get to know us

Hi! We are Kristyna and Rod.

We both have a long history of serious health conditions. They both used to be on a long list of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs. Kristyna is now pharmaceutical free, and Rod is controlling his blood pressure and gout without pharmaceuticals. We did this through healthy and delicious whole foods, exercise that can fit into anyone’s daily life, supplements, lifestyle changes (such as sleep time rituals, yoga, and relaxing baths), and essential oils.

Why did We Choose to Partner with doTERRA?

We first and foremost were impressed with the products. The daily vitality vitamins and supplements have all the important vitamins, antioxidants, and ingredients we have been taking, and encouraging others to take.

More than Essential Oils

And they not only are high quality, but also so conveniently all together in one supplements pack...

The lavender oil was actually the second thing that sold us. I could never use lavender essential oils, even though I am in love with lavender, because they always gave me a headache. doTERRA’s not only smelled amazing, but didn’t give me a headache! We were intrigued, and after looking further into both the products, and the values of the company itself, we knew it was a company we wanted to partner with.

The level of support is amazing!

doTERRA gives you the opportunity to gain financial freedom, while doing meaningful work, helping bring people to balanced lives of health, wellness, financial security. And the level of support is amazing. From customer service, to the back office, to the top people in the company, they are all there for you and ready to support you. And now that we are there, we are also there to support you and help you succeed!

You become who you surround yourself with!

We joined a like-minded community of positive, welcoming, health-conscious people, who love finding and sharing ways to incorporate chemical free and natural solutions in all aspects of their lives. People who love to uplift each other, and lovingly help each other reach our goals and potentials. And very family oriented.

Become involved at so many different levels!

Do you want support in your health and wellness journey, with discounts and free high quality, natural products? Do you want to share your new found knowledge and journey with friends, and throw fun get-togethers and events with those you care about, all while supplementing your income? Would it make your life easier if you could find extra income to pay for your children’s schooling or extracurriculars? Or maybe saving for that Disney vacation? Or trip to Europe?

Or do you want to replace your income?

Quit your job, and work from home? Create residual income for you and your family? Create a comfortable retirement? Create financial freedom? Have abundant time with your family? Have time in your life to be who you really want to be? Be surrounded by a community of people who will uplift, encourage, and help you every step of the way?

Follow us on social media!

Follow us on social media!

Whatever Your End Goal is, doTERRA Offers a Path for You.

Let us work with you to achieve your goals, by contacting us today!

Disclaimer: As with any other sales opportunity, the compensation earned by Wellness Advocates varies significantly.