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Hi! We are Kristyna and Rod.

We both have a long history of serious health conditions. They both used to be on a long list of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs. Kristyna is now pharmaceutical free, and Rod is has went from 107 pills a day, to 3 prescription pills a day. We did this through healthy and delicious whole foods, exercise that can fit into anyone’s daily life, supplements, lifestyle changes (such as sleep time rituals, yoga, and relaxing baths), and essential oils.

Kristyna & Rod

Through healthy eating, lifestyle changes, supplements, and essential oils, we were able to transform our lives. We are healthy, happy, and have found natural solutions that have allowed us to no longer take pharmaceuticals we were told we would never be able to stop. We live a balanced lifestyle that includes lots of time with our beautiful children, full nights of sleep, wonderful foods, travel, time for hobbies, and financial security! Let us help you achieve the same wonderful life changes for yourself and your family! Follow our blog, implement the changes that will transform your life, and if you want to know even more, contact us today!

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